Ginecomasty, or highly developped breasts in men is a matter that usually causes embarrassment. In every 10 men who look for plastic surgery , 3 have ginecomasty. Few of them know that this kind of imperfection may be corrected with a simple surgery, and that there is not even the need for hospitalization.

There are three types of ginecomasty: the “real one”, the “mixed one” and the “fake one”. The “real one” happens due to a benign hypertrophy of the mammary gland, the “fake one” due to localized excess of fat tissue, and the “ mixed one” due to an association of the two factors above mentioned.

The excessive growth of the masculine mammary gland comes from a rupture of the hormonal balance that usually starts at puberty, as breast development is the same for boys and girls until adolescence. With the start of masculine hormone secretion, the mammary gland atrophies. During this process there may be a partial growth of the breasts, this is considered a normal imbalance, as long as there is an involution in the following 6 months to 2 years.

The ginecomasty may have other causes, other than the hormonal and glandular, it may happen due to abuse of drugs, alcohol or certain types of medications such as synthetical cortisone. It is also a common problem in elderly men , due to their smaller production of masculine hormones.

After the primary causes of the illness are established, the doctor evaluates if there is real need for the surgery. Usually, the surgery is indicated because of the psychological and social problems ginecomasty brings to men. There are many surgical techniques for the treatment of ginecomasty, when we face a “fake” ginecomasty, liposuction is enough. When it comes to the “real one” the excessive glandular tissue is removed by an incision on the areola or next to it. Regarding the “ mixed one”, liposuction is used for removing fat and there is surgical incision for removing the glandular tissue