Liposculpture is a technique that combines liposuction and fat grafting. Its goal is to make use of the fat which is removed from saddle bags, love handles, waist and posterior thigh to remodel other areas, such as the side depression of the buttocks and the inner thigh. The results are very natural and gratifying.

Preoperative Preparation

As in liposuction, the only cares that a patient should have before the surgery are: avoid medications based on acetylsalicylic acid (i.e.: aspirin), for the 10 days that precede the surgery and use antiseptic soap on the 72 hours prior to the surgery.

Postoperative Care

The resulting scars are innermost, and measure less than half a centimeter. The patient is hospitalized for 24 hours, but rest is advised for the first seven days. The stitches are removed after 5 or 7 days. Physical exercises should be avoided for one month, but after 15 days the patient can go for walks, and can also receive specific massage and lymphatic drainage as indicated by the doctor, to be performed on the areas that were indicated by the doctor, and 6 months later also in the area where there was fat grafting. For better results it is important that the grafted area is not compressed with elastic bands. Exposure to the sun must be limited for at least one month to one and a half month, that is, until there are no more hematomas, something that normally occurs after the first month is over.