The aim of mastopexy is to lift flaccid and fallen breasts that suffered the action of time or lost their volume after pregnancy, and give them a better contour and consistency. It is also possible to reduce the size of the areolas. The new size and format of the breasts must be discussed in detail with the doctor before the surgery. The pre and postoperative care are, basically, the same as for reduction mammaplasty.

Surgical Procedure

The incisions are made following the natural contour of the breasts and around the areola. The new nipple location is marked by a little incision above the areola.
The excess of skin from the lower part of the breast is removed by horizontal incisions. The nipple is then put in place and the skin remaining flaps are regrouped reshaping the breast. The scars are located on the lower half part of the breasts, allowing the patient to wear low-cut blouses and bikinis, just like in reduction mammaplasty. The surgery lasts approximately 2 hours.