Breast Reconstruction

During the last decades many techniques have been developed aiming for the reduction of psychological trauma on women that have amputated their breasts dealing with a great loss of their body contour. The technique called thoracic-dorsal lateral flap is our preferred one as we believe it brings good aesthetic results and benefits to the patient. This type of surgery does not remove part of the abdominal muscle, as other techniques do and asks for less time in the hospital. The abdominal flap is another option for this type of surgery, but there are some restrictions to it. Patients who underwent abdominoplasty or patients that have abdominal scars from previous surgeries cannot go through this procedure, the same applies for smoking patients. The pre and postoperative care is the same as for reduction mammaplasty and mastopexy.

Surgical Procedure

The thoracic-dorsal lateral flap is removed from the transition region between the thorax and the abdomen, then it is marked with a vertical line drawn on the contra-lateral sub-mammarian sulcus. Right after this it is transplanted to the amputated area where a prosthesis will be placed. The length and width of the flap vary according to the quantity of skin able to be transplanted, the flap will take its nutrition from an artery located near the inferior extremity of the external bone.