Welcome to the site of Ewaldo Bolivar de Souza Pinto, M.D.. Being an innovator in body contouring surgical techniques (superficial liposuction), breast surgery leaving smaller scars and functional nose surgery (dynamic rhinoplasty), Dr. Ewaldo believes there is a close connection between the psychological and the surgical aspects, technique is not all there is, it is essential to acknowledge each person’s soul needs.

 During these past decades plastic surgery has rapidly developed under the scientific and the aesthetic points of view. It has developed even further in the aspect of social reintegration of the human being, for as it solves the problems people have concerning their self-image, it gives them their self-esteem back, and thus facilitates their relationships with others.

  Beauty even has, nowadays, religious sanction, in Pio XII’s words, that very particularly bear interest to us, plastic surgeons: “Man’s physical beauty represents a blessing in itself, although subordinated to other higher blessings, and thus it is admirable and desirable. It is, in fact the manifestation of the beauty of the Creator and a normal symptom of man’s sound physical condition…the aesthetic surgery instead of going against God’s will, seems rather to support the Creator and bear further witness of His wisdom and kindness, when it restores perfection to His greatest work, man.”

Many people try to split plastic surgery between aesthetic and constructive, but this is not possible because one does not exist in the absence of the other, considering that plastic surgery always seeks to return the patient’s self-esteem, and can only attain this goal when it balances function and form.
  One knows when one is in need of a plastic surgeon, it’s a matter of intuition, and this feeling comes about exactly when this balance is disturbed, since there is going to be a conflict between psychological and functional aspects.

The doctor’s appointment must be well detailed so that the patient does not create false expectations. The practiced surgeon knows how to listen and how to guide; he must raise all the possibilities, but the final decision is the patient’s.

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