From the several developed methods for trying to eliminate baldness, the hair implant is up until today, the one that has the most satisfactory results. It is indicated for patients whose bald area is not very large, when a rather natural result is more likely to be achieved. The most widely used technique nowadays is micro-grafting, which are the removal of some hair from the side and back parts of the head, where there rarely is any baldness, and later implant these in the bald areas. Doctor and patient must talk frankly about the convenience of the implant in view of the baldness extent.


The patient must have care about two aspects during the pre operative period: avoid medications based on acetylsalicylic acid (such as aspirin) and wash the head with antiseptic soap two days before the surgery.


Before the surgery the patient is mildly sedated so as to feel relaxed. After the asepsis of the head, local anesthesia is injected in the donor grafting area and in the areas where they will be implanted. The anesthesia is administered slowly and gradually so that there is no infiltration of large quantities of anesthetic substance. Next, a “band” of scalp is removed from the donor area, being then immediately closed. Each “band” may have from 100 to 200 micro-grafts, each made of from two to five hairs. The next step is the implant of the micro-grafts in the marked areas.


A dressing is applied and will be removed in 24 to 48 hours. On the next five days, physiological solution pads are applied in the implanted area. The natural swelling starts to disappear on the second day. Scab forming is expected, and they normally fall down around the 15th day. Approximately on the 20th day, the implanted hairs start to fall and only after the 3rd month they grow again, this time permanently, on the 4th month they are one centimeter long. The final result of the implant is verified after six months of the postoperative period

"The Regional Medicine Council doesn´t allow the exhibition of pre and postoperatory images".

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