The surgery for reshaping and enlarging the buttocks is called gluteoplasty and is highly searched by Japanese, German and Italian descendants as their physical constituion normally presents buttocks of small volume and lacking grace. To give the region a new contour, a silicone implant, made for this purpose, is inserted in the patient´s body. There is no known case of rejection and the implants are practically imperceptible to touch, providing a natural and satisfactory result.


The only recommendation for this period is suspension of medications based on acetylsalicylic acid (i.e.: aspirin), for the 10 days that precede the surgery.


The incision is discreetly placed on the intragluteal region, imperceptible.
The implants are inserted after undermining the tissues, There are some technique variations regarding the implants positioning, which normally are placed under the muscle fascia.


The patient is hospitalized for 1 to 2 days and, on the first weeks, there is a great need of rest, lying prone or on the sides for 15 days. The stitches are removed around the 10th day after the surgery, and after two weeks it is possible to return to routine, gradually. The scar is hidden on the buttocks sulcus and should almost disappear after sometime. During the first 60 days, the patient may feel some discomfort when sitting down but after that period the implants are so adapted to the organism that they are hardly felt. The patient will never be able to get intramuscular injections on her/his buttocks after the surgery.

"The Regional Medicine Council doesn´t allow the exhibition of pre and postoperatory images".

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