This type of plastic surgery is performed to correct aesthetic imperfections of the thighs and calves of the leg, using special implants. The technique is particularly indicated for thin thighs and legs, that have a gap in their inner part. Considering the thighs, the incisions are made on the lower part of the buttocks, while on the legs, the incisions are made on the upper part of the knees.


The only recommendation for this period is the suspension of medications based on acetylsalicylic acid (i.e.: aspirin), for the 10 days that precede the surgery.


The hospitalization for both surgeries is 24 hours. The patient must rest for one week, after which period the stitches will be removed. The patient is advised to wear medium compression elastic tights for the first 20 days and wear high heels as far as possible. The feet should rest in an elevated position several times a day, for 15 days. The implant is almost imperceptible and the result is very natural.

"The Regional Medicine Council doesn´t allow the exhibition of pre and postoperatory images".

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