Son of Geraldino de Souza Pinto and Odette Torrano de Souza Pinto.
Born in Cajuru, state of São Paulo.
Married to Regina Helena Chiarello de Souza Pinto, Dr. Ewaldo has 2 children: Priscila Chiarello de Souza Pinto Abdalla, plastic surgeon and Felipe Chiarello de Souza Pinto, lawyer.
Graduated in Medicine at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1961, he specialized in Plastic Surgery at Dr. Ivo Pitanguy´s Graduate School and remained as his assistant until 1968.
In 1969, upon his return to Santos he took part of the Plastic Surgery Service of the Hospital Holy House of Mercy and attended on private patients at the clinic on 118, Ana Costa Avenue. In 1975 he built the current clinic, located on 120, Ana Costa Avenue, which was enlarged 10 years later. In 1980 he set up, at his own expenses, the first UTQ, “Unidade de Tratamento de Queimados” (Fire Victims Treatment Unit), at the Hospital of Stevedores, attending on the needy. In 1994, the Santos Day Hospital was built at the address where he started his professional life in Santos, that is, 118,Ana Costa Avenue, next door to his private clinic.
Since the beginning of his career Dr. Ewaldo attends scientific events in Brazil and abroad. As a promoter of the developments of Plastic Surgery and an remarkable figure in his field, he is invited to share his professional experience at national as well as international meetings, therefore contributing to highlight the Brazilian Plastic Surgery.
Organized many meetings of the specialty, such as:
R.A.P.S. (Recent Advances in Plastic Surgery) 1989 and 1990; M.I.S.S. Brasil 95(Minimal Incision Surgical Symposium), Rostros Felices – March 1997; I and II International Advanced Course on Superficial Liposuction, respectively in April 1997 and June 1999 ; I, II and III Plastic Surgery International Symposium, respectively in March 2000, 2001 and 2002 and the IX South American Cone Plastic Surgery Meeting in May 2001, among others, always disclosing the new techniques of internationally prominent foreign doctors.
In 1977, he introduced the Medical Residence Service- acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery – which welcomes students from Brazil and from all over the world.
In 1990, in partnership with Santa Cecília University, he started to offer a service directed primarily towards the members of low income groups, creating a Plastic Surgery Ambulatory located on 23, Cesario Mota Street, where students of the last year of the Specialization Course of Plastic Surgery attend, for free, on the population.


II.I. - Elementary School - Grupo Escolar de Santo Antonio de Alegria
II.II. - High School - Colégio Estadual e Escola Normal Canadá
II.III. - Medical Course Studies – College of Medicine of Federal University
of Rio de Janeiro.

Obtained degree on: 15th December 1961.

Diploma Issued on: 26th March 1962.

Registered at Regional Medical Board of the State of Guanabara on: 3rd August 1962, under #8371 GB.

Registered at Regional Medical Board of the State of São Paulo (secondary registration) on 6th March 1969, under #13464 SP.

Specialization in Plastic Surgery:
- Pontifícial Catholic University – Medical Graduate School Prof. Ivo Pitanguy -
Rio de Janeiro, 1962, 1963, 1964.


- Participation in Plastic Surgery Courses in Brazil and abroad.
- Weekly classes to the residents (students) of the Specialization in Plastic Surgery Course.
- Scientific meetings, panels, round tables.
- Participation in meetings and symposiums, always presenting scientific papers on the specialty.
- Papers published in national and international plastic surgery magazines.
- Talks and Conferences held in Brazil and abroad.
- Official Brazilian representative in international meetings.
- Symposium, courses and meetings organizer.
Invited surgeon for surgical demonstrations in many cities in Brazil and several countries.
- Published Books
- Plastic Surgeon with papers on the Internet


- Head of the Clinical Surgery -Hospital Lourenço Jorge
- Member of the Scientific Committee of the BSPS
- Chief of the Dept. of Plastic Surgery - Hospital of Stevedores of Santos
- Chief of the Operating Rooms - Hospital of Stevedores of Santos
- President of the Regional branch of São Paulo of BSPS - 1978-1979
- 1st President and Founder of the Association of alumni of the Prof. Ivo Pitanguy –
Rio de Janeiro, 1974 -1979
- 1st Vice - President Association of alumni of Prof. Ivo Pitanguy 1977-79
- President of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery(BSPS)- 1980-1981
- Member of the Executive Counsil of the Association of alumni of the Prof. Ivo Pitanguy - 1982
-Coordinator of the Committee for International Relations of the BSPS Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery(BSPS) – 1982 to 1984
- Coordinator of the Committee for International Relations of the BSPS Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery(BSPS) - 1986-1988
- Head of the Plastic Surgery Service recognized by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery(BSPS) since 1976
- Director of the Specialization Course in Plastic Surgery of University Santa Cecília since 1986
- International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery secretary in Brazil – 1986-87
- Public Relations – Medical Association of Santos 1987-1989
- Member of the Teaching and Research Committee, representing the Community, of the University Santa Cecília– 1990
- President of the Association of alumni of Prof. Ivo Pitanguy - 1986-1988
- Director of the International Relations Committee of Brazilian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive and Surgery - 1994-1995
- Director of the Professional Defense Dept. (DEPRO) Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery(BSPS) - 1996/1997
-Fiscal Adviser substitute - Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery(BSPS) 1996/1997


- Chief of the Plastic Surgery Service recognized by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery(BSPS) since 1976
- Director of the Specialization in Plastic Surgery Course of University Santa Cecília since 1986
- Counsil Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
- President and Founder of Centro de Estudo e Pesquisa em Cirurgia Plástica Prof. Antonio Prudente
- President of the Aesthetic Chapter of the Federacion Iberolatinoamericana de Cirugia Plástica e Reconstructiva.


Associação dos Médicos de Santos
Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (BSPS)- Titled Member - Specialist
Aesthetic Surgery Chapter of BSPS - Founder Member
Associação Paulista de Medicina - Member
Brazilian Medical Association - Member
National Medical Academy – Effective Member
Sociedade Latino Americana de Cirurgia Plástica - Titled Member
Sociedade Argentina de Cirurgia Plástica - Titled Member
Sociedade Portuguesa de Cirurgia Plástica e Reconstrutiva – Corresponding Member
International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Active Member 1975
Associação dos Ex-alunos do Prof. Ivo Pitanguy - Founder and Active Member
Brazilian College of Surgeons - Associated Member – admitted on 12th January 1979
Titled Member - admitted on 05th January 1980
Sociedad Uruguaya de Cirugia Plástica - Socio Correspondiente Extranjero
Sociedad de Cirugia Plastica del Uruguay - Socio Honorário
Burn Chapter of BSPS - Founder Member
American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Inc. - Corresponding Member
Sociedade Brasileira de Mastologia -Regional do Estado de São Paulo - Titled Member
Associação dos Discípulos do Prof. José Hilário - Effective Member
International College of Surgeons - FELLOW
Federación Ibero Latino Americanade Cirugia Plástica Y Reconstructiva
Section of the International Confederation for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Titled MemberSociedad Ecuatoriana de Cirugia Plástica Reconstrutiva y Estética - S.E.C.P.R.E. - Miembro Correspondiente
Associacion Medica Argentina - Sociedad Argentina de Cirugia Plástica - Miembro Corresp.
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Inc. - Corresponding Member
The Florida Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons - Corresponding Member
Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Cirugia Plástica Reconstrutiva y Estética - S.E.C.P.R.E.
Miembro Honorario
The Lipolasty Society, Inc. - Member of the International Advisory Commitee
Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugia Plastica - Estetica maxilofacial y de la mano
Miembro Correspondiente
Laser Brazilian Society - Associated Member
Lipoplasty University Without borders – Founder and professor


01. Declaration for the collaboration to the victims of the fire at
“Gran Circo Norte Americano”
from 17th December 1961 to 19th March 1963
Hospital Antônio Pedro
Niterói, RJ, May 18th 1965

02. Gratitude and Recognition by the team of SAG of
Hospital Holy Merci of Santos for attending on the service members injured on 5th October 1971
Santos, November 26th 1971

3.Congratulations from the Santos Municipal Council
for the talks given in the USA
Santos, April 11th 1972

04. Junior Prize Tomas Banck
2nd Argentinean Congress of Esthetic Surgery
Buenos Aires, 1974

05. Congratulations for the Junior Prize Tomas Banck
Santos Municipal Council
Santos, March 18th 1974

06. “Last Hour” Trophy
Homage to ten personalities of Santos
Santos, March 19th 1976

07. “Robalo de Ouro” Trophy
Santos, 1977

08. Title “Navy Friend”
Rio de Janeiro, December 07th 1979

09. “Brás Cubas” Trophy
Santos, June 04th 1980

10.Congratulations for “Doctor’s Day” from
Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, October 13th 1980

11. Visiting Professor at New York University Medical Center
New York, NY, USA, June 13-23 , 1982

12. Visiting Professor at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital
New York, NY, USA, June 13-23 , 1982

13. “Visiting Professor”
Educational Foundation of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery

14. Medal to Merit Honour
Santos Municipal Council
Santos, August 26th 1983

15. Diploma for the work anddedicationin favor of colors Blue and Red
G.R.C.E.S. Última Hora
Santos, January 19th 1984

16. Diploma granted by KOSMOS – Promotion and Publicity
For services rendered to the community in his field of action
Santos, 31st May 1984

17. Láurea “Pero Vaz de Caminha”
Instituto Histórico Cultural Pero Vaz de Caminha
São Paulo, April 22nd 1984

18. Title of Santos Citizen
Santos Municipal Council
Santos, 17th August 1984

19. Membre d’honneur de L’A .P.R.E.M.E. Association pour la Promotion , La Recherche
et L’Enseignement de la Medecine apliquée à l’Estethique
Nice, França, September 13th and 14th 1986

20. Homage of the “Centro Studi Umberto Bracale”
Napoli, Itália, October 29th 1988

21. Honorable Mention
Requerimento 224/89
by the Câmara Municipal da Estância Balneária de Praia Grande
Praia Grande, June 14th 1989

22. Congratulations for the opening of Plastic Surgery Ambulatory
Loja Maçônica Dom Pedro I
Santos, June 21st 1989

23. Congratulations of the “Edilidade Santista”
Santos Municipal Council
Santos, October 12th 1989

24. Recognition and Homage of the Equatorian alumni Guayaquil, August 9th 1990

25. Supremo Conselho do Brasil para o Rito Escocês Antigo e Aceito a Todos MMAC Regulares Membro Ativo do Subl. Capítulo Rosa Cruz “Dom Pedro I”
Santos, December 11th 1990

26. Recognition Certificate
Universidad Cristiana de Bolivia
Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud - Carrera de Medicina
Santa Cruz, Bolivia, October 1991

27. Medal of Medical Merit
Santos Municipal Council
Santos, September 1st 1992

28. Comemorative Plaque
Sociedade Equatoriana de Cirurgia Plástica, Reconstrutiva e Estética
Considering his human, scientific and teaching qualities
and his valuable contribution to theEquatorian Plastic Surgery
Guayaquil, Ecuador, August 21st 1996
29. Certificate – Professional Recognition
The Emory Clinic, Inc.
Atlanta, USA, September 1996

30. Trophy Rotary Club de Santos in the International area
Rotary Club of Santos
Santos, February 26th 1997

31. Picture in the Homage Gallery
Rotary Club de Santos
Santos, june 18th 1997

32. Certificates given by the
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Inc.
For his contribution and services to Aesthetic Surgery progress

33. Declaration by the mayor of Cartagena das Indias
“like Honour Guest of the City”
(decree n.º 0833 September 23rd 1997)

34. Congratulations Vote- Req. 3239/97
Legislative Assembly of São Paulo
São Paulo, 01st September 1997

35. Honored Faculty
The Lipoplasty Society, Inc.
October, 24th, 1997

36.Congratulations Vote from Santos Municipal Council
For his daily program “Health Life” at Radio VIP FM.
Santos, November 11th 1997

37. President of Honour of
XXXIV Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery
São Paulo, December 6th 1997

38. Prize “George Ariê” - BSPS
for paper work presented at XXXIV Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery
Topic: “Breast Reconstruction: Geometrical Principles of the cutaneous flaps in double V”
São Paulo, December 9th 1997

39. Trophy - Homage to the Ex- Presidents of the
Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
40. Trophy “Cidade de Santos”
as Plastic Surgeon
Santos, May 1998

41. Plaque for the worth collaboration and Scientific contribution to the development of the XI Congreso Nacional de la SECPRE and to the Curso Internacional de Cirugia Estetica de la FILACP
Quito, Equador, August 1st 1998

42. Homage as Service Director for 4 residents detached for Frequency
and 1 resident detached between the 10 highest notes on the Official
Course of Plastic Surgery in 1998 BSPS – São Paulo Branch.
São Paulo, SP, March 9th 1999.

43. Applause motion of Câmara Municipal of Cubatão for the program
“Tips for a healthy life” presented at Radio VIP FM
Cubatão, February 09th 1999.

44. “Raymond Vilain Award” for the best foreign doctor in international
meetings of ASERF
Orlando, FL, USA, 15 May 2000

45. Paulo Bueno Wolf Trophy
Detachment in Health Area
Santos, S.P., August 18th 2000

46. Mater Dei Trophy
Recognition for the great contribution in highlighting the Brazilian
Plastic Surgery abroad
Belo Horizonte, M.G., August 18th 2000

47. “A plaque of appreciation”
in appreciation of his invaluable Lecture & Live Surgery
“Superficial Liposuction”
Hanyang University College of Medicine
Seoul, Korea, October 5th 2000

48. Distinguished Visitor
Sociedad de Cirugia Plastiac y Reconstructiva de Córdoba
International Course “Plastic Surgery Live”
Córdoba, Argentina, April 7th 2001

49. Special Tribute
for his contribution in the development of work in the area of Plastic
9th Aesthetic International Scientific Meeting
São Paulo, September 21st 2001
50.Institutional Acknowledgement for the valuable and altruistic
scientific contribution in the occasion of the
XII Ecuatorian Plastic Surgery Meeting, II International Course
of the Aesthetic Surgery Chapter of the FILACP
Salinas, Ecuador, October 11th 2001

51. Trophy from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery for
excellence in Cosmetic Surgery
AACS 18th Annual Meeting
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA, January, 31st - February 3rd 2002


- Germany
- Argentina
- Bolivia
- Canada
- Colombia
- Cyprus
- Ecuador
- Spain
- United States
- France
- Honduras
- Israel
- Italy
- Japan
- Morocco
- México
- Paraguay
- Peru
- Poland
- Portugal
- Czech Republique
- Uruguay
- Venezuela
- Korea.

Santos: Av. Ana Costa, 120 - Tel.: (13) 3234-1234 - Santos/SP
São Paulo: Alameda Santos, 455 - cj. 306 - Tel.: (11) 3171-3399 - São Paulo/SP